Naturally Charmed Cleo Cleopatra Perfume Egyptian Bottle


1/2 ounce Cleo fragrance comes with pinkish purple Egyptian hand-blown perfume bottle plated with 12k gold.

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Product Description

Naturally Charmed Cleo Cleopatra Perfume Egyptian Bottle.

This exotic fragrance was inspired by the legendary Cleopatra who was rumored to only have worn a fragrance containing Orange Blossom, Patchouli and Honey.

Please note that I have two (2) versions of this perfume. One is very heavy and smells somewhat like incense and I recommend wearing this one in Fall or Winter. The other is a lighter version and a bit sweeter (but still quite heavy) that would be appropriate for any season, so please specify which version you would prefer.

This Cleo perfume will be shipped in a half ounce amber bottle and will come with a pinkish purple hand-blown Egyptian perfume bottle made of Pyrex glass and plated with 12K gold. Size is 4.50 inch (12 cm ).  The bottle holds just under a half ounce but you will receive a 1/2 ounce bottle of this fragrance, and this is pure fragrance oil not diluted with alcohol.

For the refill of this Cleo perfume, please click on the link below:

Naturally Charmed Cleo Cleopatra Egyptian Perfume Refill

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All products on his website include free shipping.