Candle Charms Special Order Intention Pillar Candle


Special Order listing for an intention candle, 2 x 6 inch, and includes free shipping.

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Candle Charms Special Order Intention Pillar Candle.

This will be a 2 x 6 inch pillar candle made from natural palm wax that comes from a sustainable source here in the U.S. and does not cause any harm to the environment.

This Candle Charms Special Order Intention Pillar Candle will contain the highest quality fragrance oils which include the highest portion of essential oils available on the market. The candle fragrance will be mixed based on the energy correspondences of flowers and herbs that correspond to the energies of the intention and also includes a dash of quartz crystal to synthesize and ignite the energies of the correspondences. The candle will be made in the color corresponding to the energy of the intention.

Some examples of other Candle Charms special order intention candles that have made but are no photos or listings on this website are: Employment, Focus, Justice, Jupiter in Retrograde and Mercury in Retrograde.

Please use this listing if you do not see the intention for which you would like to have a candle made and use the contact page to specify what intention you would like.

Please note that special orders may take a few days longer to make. This candle will burn approximately 30 hours. All products on this website include free shipping.