Candle Charms Intention Jar Candle 6 ounce


6 ounce jar soy wax jar candle of any Intention Candle of your choice. Includes free shipping.

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Candle Charms Intention Jar Candle 6 ounce.

If you prefer jar candles to pillar candles, or soy wax instead of palm wax, choose any Intention Candle on this website to be made out of soy wax instead of palm wax in a 6 ounce jar. This amount of wax and fragrance oils used is equivalent to the 2 x 6 pillar candles. Please note that the burn time might vary slightly from the pillar candles and that the photo shown is not of the actual soy wax candle but of the actual jar into which the candle will be poured.

Please use the contact page to specify which Intention Candle you would like to order.

The fragrance oils used in all the candles on this website are extremely high quality and contain the highest ratio of essential oils available on the market. The wicking used in all of the candles on this website are cotton. This combination of natural wax, natural wicking, and more natural oils than chemicals in the fragrance oils makes for a very clean burn.

The highest possible ratio of fragrance oils are used for each candle on this website. If you prefer a lighter ratio of fragrance oils, please use the contact page and request “lighter fragrance”.

All products on this website include free shipping.