Candle Charms Intention Healing Green Candle


Light this candle to concentrate on positive affirmations and thoughts when you are not feeling well. This candle also makes a great gift for someone who needs healing. All products on this website include free shipping.

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Candle Charms Intention Healing Green Candle.

This candle is a 2 x 6 inch pillar candle and is green. Fragrance notes of Rosemary, Carnation and Mint with many others including Sunflower and Blackberry. Although this candle contains the same amount of fragrance oils as the other candles in this category, the fragrance is barely detectable which may be preferable for the intention of healing.

Please use the contact page if this is for a specific condition (such as cancer) in the event that some of the fragrance oils may need to be substituted. Please note that this should not be used to replace medical treatment but is meant as a tool for one to help heal oneself.

The fragrance oils used in all the candles on this website are extremely high quality and contain the highest ratio of essential oils available on the market. The wicking used in all of the candles on this website are cotton. This combination of natural palm wax, natural wicking, and more natural oils than chemicals in the fragrance oils makes for a very clean burn.

The highest possible ratio of fragrance oils are used for each candle on this website. If you prefer a lighter ratio of fragrance oils, please use the contact page and request “lighter fragrance”.

This candle should be placed in a dish while burning and should not be left to burn unattended. Burn time is approximately 30 hours but, for an optimum burn, this candle should not be burned for more than 2 consecutive hours.

For the larger size version of this candle, please click on the link below:

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All products on this website include free shipping.