Candle Charms Arch Angel Raphael Green Invocational Candle


Light this candle to invoke Arch Angel Raphael who is the Angel of Healing. He is known throughout the world for his miraculous healing and impartiality to those he heals. He can and will heal anyone regardless of religious background, culture, or race if one asks it of him and has faith in him.

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Product Description

Candle Charms Arch Angel Raphael Green Invocational Candle. This candle is a 3 x 6 inch pillar candle and is emerald green. Top fragrance notes of Rosemary, Carnation and Sunflower, middle fragrance notes of Blackberry and Chamomile, on a base of Lavender and Mint. Even though this candle contains the same amount of fragrance oils as the other candles on this website, this candle barely has a detectable fragrance.

If this candle is for a specific condition (such as cancer), please use the contact page to let me know what condition so that the fragrance oils may be adjusted accordingly. This candle is in no way to be a replacement for medical treatment but simply a tool for self healing.

This candle contains dried herbs which will settle to what will be the top of the candle. 

The fragrance oils used in all the candles on this website are extremely high quality and contain the highest ratio of essential oils available on the market. The wicking used in all of the candles on this website are cotton. This combination of natural wax, natural wicking, and more natural oils than chemicals in the fragrance oils makes for a very clean burn.

The highest possible ratio of fragrance oils are used for each candle on this website. If you prefer a lighter ratio of fragrance oils, please use the contact page and request “lighter fragrance”.

This candle should be placed in a dish while burning and should not be left to burn unattended. Burn time is approximately 100 hours but, for an optimum burn, these candles should not be burned for more than 3 consecutive hours. 

All products on this website include free shipping.