About Naturally Charmed

Welcome to Naturally Charmed, home of Candle Charms and a place to find one-of-a-kind handmade dolls, candles, beautiful perfumes, essential oil mixes, natural healing and energetic inspiration. Candle Charms are handmade candles with exclusive fragrances sprinkled with nature’s magic. Our one-of-a-kind handmade dolls are infused with light and love for children. Naturally Charmed also has handmade gifts for adults, natural crystals and stones, natural stone jewelry, and collectible and vintage products. Please view our services for fairy card readings. Need someone to officiate a hand fasting, a memorial ceremony, a pet memorial or a wedding? If local, please use the contact page to contact us regarding these services.

Naturally Charmed is a creative path that emerged from, and is home to, the energetic line of Candle Charms: Hand poured candles made from natural palm wax (grown from a sustainable source that does not threaten the ecosystem*), that contain the highest quality fragrance oils with the highest concentration of essential oils available on the market (less chemicals), and 100% cotton wick. The fragrances are mixed with the intention of combining the energies of nature’s flowers and plants to correspond and align with the intention of the candle being created. The magic of color and herbs are tossed in and a sprinkle of quartz crystal is added to synthesize and ignite the energies. The highest possible ratio of fragrance is added to the candles so please use the contact page if you prefer a lighter concentration of fragrance. Special Order candles for any occasion including weddings are also available. Please use the contact page to specify your special order. If you would like to learn more about Candle Charms and the spirit behind them, please read more by clicking on the Blog tab.

The line of Aromatherapy Charms has been a work in progress for over 20 years. The mixer of these oils has extensive training in the properties and benefits of essential oils and the synergy of mixing them. Not all essential oils can be mixed together. There is a science to mixing them so that they to do counteract. All essential oils contained in the mixes sold on this website are made by the finest essential oil companies because not all essential oils are created equal. Carrier oils included in some of the mixes are either Apricot Kernel Oil or Grapeseed Oil.

The crystals and gemstones sold on this website come from companies that use mining methods that are not harmful to the environment (no blasting).

The natural stone jewelry sold on this website contain genuine natural stones (not lab made) and are set in .925 genuine sterling silver.

Fairy Card readings are offered by phone or, if local, in person by a certified Fairyologist.

The one-of-a-kind handmade dolls sold on this website are made with special care and love for children and infused with positive light energy. Although the fabric panels used to make these dolls are out of print, the fabric is as new.

The handmade items sold on this website are made by family members and are one-of-a-kind and in new, never used condition.

The vintage items sold on this website have been carefully chosen for zero to minimal flaws or aging and do not have any odor or visible damage.

If local, Naturally Charmed can provide an ordained officiant to officiate a hand fasting, a memorial service, a pet memorial service and weddings.

*The palm wax originates from reputable plantation companies who are members of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA). The MPOA has pioneered the establishment of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Besides plantation companies, foreign companies and Associations such as Unilever, Sainsbury (in United Kingdom), Migros (in Switzerland) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are also active participants in RSPO. These members have pledged to support all activities to promote and implement sustainable palm oil production.